Friday, January 25, 2008

Real Id they can't stop talking about it

The Real ID was in the news the other day when Homeland Wrecker Chertoff demanded states comply immediately. They cut the cost of the project in half, hoping the money struggling states would accept. But there not, Upon further research I see if your state rejects it, you become non citizens. Since 17 states already have, Welcome my fellow refugees. You will be denied entry on planes, trains and automobiles.

This was also brought up during the Florida msnbc debate Ghoulie mentioned tamper proof ids for security reasons. Its funny how some states have strict standards in place such as photo id, social security card, birth certificate and proof of address, to name a few.

I was denied my licence renewal because my birth certificate had a tear. I had to go 30 miles out my way to get another copy. Another time I brought my friend to take his licence test and I mistakenly forgot my older insurance card. I had my new one that takes effect in a few days. Guess what they refused it didn't matter that my policy didn't change was simply renewed. It didn't matter that they have the information on file. It didn't matter that my policy number didn't even change.

Some states let illegal immigrants get licences with no id and let them go when they get caught driving without them. While arresting us for not complying with the smallest law. Why are we under the scope? When did we become public enemy number one?

If you wanted tighter restrictions on Ids and licences then do it. Dint lie out your ass for the reasons if you wanted a unified system then enforce it. The only gaps are what was created by you. Stop blaming the states for your failures and stop blaming us.

Noone wants a national Id and we wont take them. Americans are not dumb enough to think that putting all there personal info on one source is protection against identity theft. Maybe if you had a better track record wire tapping, torture, secret prisons, illegal proxy wars, etc. Someone might believe you, but I don't.