Saturday, February 14, 2009

POLL: Huge Public Demand for Investigation Into Bush Administration

Earlier this week, Sam Stein of the Huffington Post made a bit of news when he asked President Obama about whether he supports Senator Patrick Leahy's effort to examine/investigate the Bush administration's potential crimes. Obama danced around the issue a bit, basically dodging the question.

But now, a new Gallup poll shows there's actually huge public support for such an investigation. Check out these numbers - they are overpowering:

That's right - 71% of Americans believe there should be an investigation by either criminal prosecutors or an independent panel into the actions of the Bush administration. That's absolutely huge.
Of course, you don't hear this in the media - or even in Gallup's headline, which claims - in defiance of its own polling numbers - that there is "No Mandate for Criminal Probes of Bush Administration." Indeed, What you hear is one of two storylines: 1) Only the hard-core left that wants retribution supports any investigation into the Bush administration or 2) there's "no mandate" for any investigation.

But as these poll numbers show, both storylines are fantasy. The facts show that the broad majority of the public wants an investigation - likely because people understand that if you let crimes go unpunished, you set a precedent that those crimes are perfectly acceptable.