Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Take Back Your Media! Tell Obama What The New FCC Chair Should Do

Wanted: A leader who understands that the "open" Internet doesn't mean a burst pipe, thinks a diverse media is more than just a few minority network anchors, and isn't afraid to battle chest-thumping corporate lobbyists to protect the public's interest.Alright, so we may not be doing the hiring, but President-elect Barack Obama is, and we the public need to hold the president-elect to his campaign promises as he picks the next head of the Federal Communications Commission.Obama will soon announce his choice to lead the FCC, a decision that will influence every facet of our media system - from media consolidation to broadband access and cell phone innovation. Obama has pledged to make media in America more open, diverse and democratic, but will he stand by this promise in the face of intense insider pressure to choose a more industry friendly FCC chairman?Vote now on the top three qualifications you most want for the FCC chair. We'll compile the votes and send them on to Obama's FCC transition team. Now is our best chance to change course and make real the possibility of universal broadband access, an open Internet, and more locally controlled radio and TV.