Thursday, October 9, 2008

America Under Siege

The American public, composed of both citizens and consumers, is under attack on all fronts. This is being done by government directly, indirectly, and across the board in every aspect of our lives. What continues to go unnoticed is that the people of this country have the constitutional and right to be represented within this "government" that has become the blood-enemy of everyone that lives here. What the cabal has failed to credit is that
"Taxation without Representation is Tyranny

The methods being used by the owners, against the people, include secrecy, intimidation, blatant lies and their misrepresentations about everything that comes from the government concerning everything they say they are doing to correct any of the myriad failures that have brought this formerly successful nation to its metaphorical knees!

This siege is being led by the same people that were supposed to have protected the public, from everything that has happened since Cheney-Bush took over on 12-12-2000: when they were officially appointed by the US Supreme Court that stopped the vote-count in Florida which gave the election to the losers.
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