Tuesday, April 29, 2008

World's Worst Democides

In order to realize a study that would give us an idea of China 's place in the classification of democides/genocides, we had to compile this list of the "top-rated." We were very surprised by the results, which require no comment or political observation. We just want to point out that the means of information and the mass-media, which are controlled by the "WINNERS," never talk about the millions who lost their lives, but only about the thousands of deaths caused by the "LOSERS."Even if you scream out lies over and over again, they never become the truth.The internal democide table demonstrates that the majority of murders committed by Communist regimes were perpetrated against their own populations. These murders were aimed at maintaining power, and were therefore part of a scientifically organizedConcerning the crimes committed by the Nazi regime, the data provides us with a completely different vision.In fact, the internal democide table shows us that the numbers of murders committed against the internal population are very low, but rise significantly when murders committed against foreign populations are added. (Of course, we consider each murder a horrific crime.)