Friday, March 7, 2008

Ron Paul's Message to Supporters 3/6

Ron Paul's Message to Supporters 3/6
In a video released Thursday night and displayed on the campaign website, Ron Paul revved up revolutionaries once again with the message of liberty, peace, and prosperity. As many were wondering whether he would step out, Paul showed that his dedication to the cause of liberty is more important to him then taking a more comfortable path.

Ron Paul emphasized that his campaign is not about him but about the supporters of freedom. As Paul spoke those words, many Americans tuning in realized that he is in this until there is no one left standing for the Constitution. The message of liberty will be carried to the Republican Convention in September. As Paul spoke about the long term objectives of this revolution, he in no wise suggested that these changes could not come sooner through the dedication of freedom-loving Americans vying for delegate spots to the GOP Convention as well as running for the spectrum of political offices.

Paul said that he has made his mark on history, but while McCain is short on bound delegates, and facing Federal Election Commission legal troubles, Paul's supporters may succeed in a Paul vs. Obama/Hillary ballot next November. Ron Paul has made this opportunity available and ever the more urgent to Americans who still know what our country was founded on. Hats off to Paul as he once again sacrifices his own comforts to continue in the fight for liberating our country from tyranny and injustice.