Sunday, March 16, 2008

Police pursue anti-government 'John Adams' blogger

Police in Whitewater, Wisconsin are in pursuit of a radical anti-government blogger. The blogger in question goes by the nickname 'John Adams' and runs the website

"I think it is someone we want to keep an eye on...," Whitewater Police Detective Tina Winger wrote in an e-mail to Coan. "Seems like an anti-government radical to me."

The anonymous Adams charges that Whitewater city government is run by "a small, obstinate, and poorly educated local elite". Adams also criticizes a local judge that was convicted of lewd behavior, and the Whitewater police chief, James Coan.

Adams pits his case against the police chief by presenting evidence that the chief used city employees and resources to trace the anonymous blogger. The blogger also charges that the chief failed to address the destruction of evidence by former investigator.

So far they've used some questionable methods that have included harassing a man that swears he is not 'John Adams'. The man that Whitewater police have harassed is Laird Scott, a former Peace Corps worker.

There are many folks out there that have legitimate claims against the government. I just wish that they didn't have to fight anonymously.

An ironic twist to this whole 'John Adams' blogger deal, John Adams was known for supposedly trying to stifle criticism with the Alien and Sedition Acts.

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