Sunday, March 9, 2008

ABC News Runs Defense For Puppy Killer

As you can see, the media is doing what they do best-which is spin the story to get the public to parrot what they say to their friends and family. Don't be surprised now if you confront anyone about this issue and they start telling you about how stressed out the soldiers are.

Let's see here......the african american football player that participates in dog fighting and drowns dogs is castrated and repeatedly attacked by the media on our televisions, but a white soldiers which is video taped throwing a puppy off a cliff is ok, because he is stressed out from the war? So the guy who came back and killed his wife and family is justified?Don't let the media abuse you by manipulating the issue and fight back for the truth to be told and heard globally.

I'm calling all my dogs to stand up for justice by asking questions and demanding answers.Do not let others Nationalistic Faith blind you to this true horrific act that has taken place and continues to take place every day. Just cause a criminal is in the army, does not give him/her immunity to the laws that are held here in the states.


Anonymous said...

Just throw the soldier off a cliff and have done with it.