Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why Has Ron Paul All But Suspended His Presidential Campaign?

Congressman Ron Paul's decision to essentially suspend his presidential campaign and focus instead on safeguarding his Congressional seat will confuse and disappoint many of his supporters, while delighting establishment media debunkers, but the truth of how far we have progressed and the reality of the battles that lie ahead show that the campaign has made a shrewd decision.

After months of media censorship, smear attacks and dirty tricks, Ron Paul was essentially left with four choices.

- Drop out of the Republican race altogether and allow the establishment to claim a hollow victory while disappointing his legions of supporters. This was never going to happen.

- Drop out of the Republican race and run as a third party candidate. Up against Hillary and McCain, Paul would have had a 20-30% chance of success but would have immediately endangered his Congressional seat.

- Seek to capitalize on a brokered convention should the Republican's conservative base move against the left-leaning John McCain. This was always a remote option because to have any chance of success, Paul would have had to be trailing McCain by just a few percentage points in the primary results, which was not the case.


[Source: infowarsnews at Yahoo! Groups - Posted by FreeAutoBlogger]