Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Tuesday Canvassing; Ebay Auction Ends Mon

The above picture was taken by local media at the Denver Ron Paul rally on Saturday night. In the upper left corner you can (barely) see my friend Peter Spina of holding up one of my posters at the rally! Peter says he got it signed by the good Doc, and will have it framed for the Goldseek offices. Thanks Peter!

Also, to anyone paying attention, I erroneously stated that my special Ebay poster auction was ending on Super Tuesday. That is wrong, it actually ends on Monday afternoon. I donated $1525.00 of the proceeds to the campaign on the Feb 1 money bomb under my wife's name. The remainder, up to $2300, will be donated at the auction's close on Monday.

Most importantly, today is the last day to canvass before Super Tuesday. Get your signs and literature out, and your list of republican neighbors and hit the streets. Put some signs up on the way to the polling place. Every little bit helps.

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