Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Scenes from the trail: Obama headquarters in Chicago

Supporters of Sen. Barack Obama erupt into to cheers when they realize CNN's Suzanne Malveaux is reporting live from Obama headquaraters in Chicago.(Photo Credit: David Allbritton/CNN)


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Anonymous said...

I think the Spitzer scandal should be scrutinized in an effort to see if the libertine Bill Clinton used the services of this "Emperor's Club."

Also, I think Hillary's "experience" should be scrutinized, in an effort to point out that this "experience" which she and other Washington politicians tout has been rotten experience and judgement which has led us to the problems we face today, both internationally and domestically. Obama's experience, on the other hand, has been amazing
successful with good judgment and admirable organizational skills.

Also, I think Obama's being elected as the first black man to be editor of the prestigous Harvard Law Review should be made known, and the fact that, while it
opened up lucrative opportunities with blue chip East Coast law firms and high-level Washington politicians, he chose to return to his grassroots in Chicago and build his career from there.

Obama is a natural-born leader, charismatic, cohesive and very bright. Hillary, on the other hand, is not a leader, but is divisive and combative - and where would she be politically, were it not for the tremendous benefit of being the first lady for eight years.

I wish Obama would get the endorsement of some respected athletes, e.g. Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning, etc.

Anonymous said...

See comments to the left.

Daniel Woodhead
San Francisco