Thursday, February 7, 2008

Rejecting National ID

Last year, seventeen states passed legislation objecting to the REAL ID Act, a massive national identification program the federal government is trying to foist on the American people through their states' driver licensing systems. Virginia may soon join those states in the REAL ID rebellion. Today, the Virginia Senate's Transportation Committee will consider a bill to reject the unfunded mandates in the REAL ID Act.

Under the bill, the Department of Health's Office of Vital Records and the Department of Motor Vehicles would develop and implement a plan to provide Virginia residents with appropriate identity verification. This would let Virginians avoid the national ID system, a network of government databases containing basic identity information, including scanned copies of Social Security cards and birth certificates.

With so many states on record opposing REAL ID, the feds have been shifting through numerous stories trying to justify their national ID. First, they said it was a national security tool. But by now everyone realizes how easy it would be for criminal organizations and terrorists to avoid or defeat a national ID system.

Then REAL ID became a way to control illegal immigration. But it has the same defects here too. Illegal immigrants will use a mix of forgery, fraud, and corruption at any motor vehicles bureau in the country to get around REAL ID. Driving illegal immigrants further into criminality deepens the problem rather than fixing it. And should law-abiding American citizens really have to carry a national ID to get at illegal immigrants? Just who is the criminal here?

Next, we were told that having a national ID was about identity fraud. But putting our personal information, Social Security Numbers, and basic identity documents like birth certificates into a nationwide string of government databases is a recipe for more identity theft, not less.

THE Department of Homeland Security came out with the final REAL ID regulations last month, a top official threw the department's final Hail Mary, suggesting that REAL ID could be used to control access to cold medicine. That's right: cold medicine. The lesson? Once a national ID system is in place, the federal government will use it for tighter and tighter control of every American.

The DHS has admitted that not a single state will comply with the REAL ID law by the May 11, 2008 deadline. Even today, nobody knows how to build a massive database system that protects Americans' privacy and data security. So the department is giving states extensions until the end of 2009, just for the asking. It is also threatening to send air travelers to secondary search at airports if their states haven't applied for those extensions and kissed the DHS ring.


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Anonymous said...

Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum. The words are prominent on
every dollar bill in your wallet, in the paper which resides within every ATM,
and in the minds of those who understand what is at stake in the United States
of America in the year two thousand and eight. This year, William Barton and
Charles Thomson's proposals for our National Seal in 1782 will come to their
final decision on which one of the three points of the eternal triangle will
rise to the top forever and claim power and rule over humanity and its choices.
It is the eternal struggle to forever obtain a patent like hold on the words
Annuit Coeptis and Novus Ordo Seclorum, an eternal struggle that has lasted
until now, through every world conqueror's conquest of the earth and its people,
and a struggle that will end in success where others have failed. It is a new
age of humanity, a dark age where two of the three paths are dark, and one is
bright...the visions of Fascism and Communism fighting each other without
regards to the third vision which in the most powerful nation has cowered under
the fear of terrorism and the government itself. The third vision has stuck its
head in the sand, where it fights not with the blood of its relatives and the
promise of tomorrow, but with its fingertips on a laptop somewhere in a safe
place. Hoping that with every keystroke and word of typed truth that one day
someone will do something, that their anger and comments on posts will someday
inspire someone to take their eyes from their computer screens and make them
believe that action is required. People are doing that in America today, and
with their growing knowledge of the world around them they are gaining something
that comes with truth....honor, and it is with honor that this third vision,
democracy may survive. The words above that soon to be lost pyramid means "He
approves of our undertaking". Below the words mean, "A new order for the ages."
Divine providence that if one of the three ideas take the world over that Christ
will come back and save us is the driving force behind war and aggression in
government and is the reason for the current situation in the United States of
But there is a dark decision that the Proctor's who run our states must make
soon, one that may tie up one vision, democracy, so that the other two can fight
it out...reducing the triangle to a single line where control over the military
of the world will define and result in a single vision. That decision is to
accept a Real Id so that the people go on hanging their witches forever, and any
Constitution or illusion of it can be circumvented by an honor system that will
rely on the saying, "if i don't do anything wrong, if I am not a terrorist, than
why would the government come after me?, all I have to do is be a good citizen."
Good theory of course, but honor system none the less, and governments can not
be honorable forever as we know. Or these Crucibles can deny it, only to
attempt to keep their heads while people lose theirs, wondering why their
licenses can not be used at airports, and eventually why their state is full of
non citizens. And so soon the line is drawn, between eternal bondage to a
vision of communism of the democratic party, or the nonconservative corporate
fascism of the republicans...or an eternal bondage to reject fear because it is
OK to be afraid, it is OK to heal, to educate and to fight for freedom...real
freedom of democracy and a promise that democracy when it rotates to be the most
dominant but sharing power in the three visions, must not try to destroy and red
scare communism, or deny we remember...because marginalizing such
great visions makes them stronger, and now democracy has been so marginalized
that it may soon be killed. Never have two of these visions realized that to
kill the remaining vision requires a coordinated effort of fear and media
brainwashing, it is unprecedented. If you feel safe, ask why, if you feel
afraid, ask why, and when you watch TV or talk about politics or see something
happen that you know is wrong, ask why...and be prepared to make your final
crucible decision...Proctor is you and everyone that you see...and there is
still time to think about what you will do with your honor

Anonymous said...

There's one more aspect to The Real ID Act that you don't hear much about. What if someone could read and write to them? And this someone was a bad guy?
It's true. They're using the same chips the financial institutions are to "protect" our data, and the hackers have already broken-and are BROADCASTING-this information around the web.
Google (use the quotes) "RFID Hacking" and see how many there are.
Watch this video to see how easy it is:
We've got more resources at our site if you want to take a look.
I am Ron Hatton, inventor, Co-founder and developer of The Armadillo Dollar.