Friday, February 29, 2008

Independent Polls Confirm Ron Paul Is Drubbing Peden

There's more bad news for Pedenphiles - supporters of Ron Paul's Neo-Con rival Mark Peden - as new independent polls show Congressman Paul enjoying a massive 33 per cent lead in the race for Texas' District 14.

The establishment media and fawning neo-libs like Wonkette have done their level best to prop-up Peden as someone who has a legitimate chance of challenging Paul for his Congressional seat, and The Nation jumped on that same bandwagon just today.

In a sophomoric hit piece, The Lone Star Times website, which proudly displays a Peden for Congress banner, cited a report that claimed "Peden holds a double-digit lead over “the taxpayer’s best friend.”

But the real numbers tell a different story.

The independent Public Polling Policy organization has just released the results of a survey which shows Paul with a healthy 33 per cent lead over Peden.

Neo-Con Peden, who advocates the military occupation of the middle east for "the remainder of the century" (good luck selling that one bubba), has attacked Paul on the issue of Iraq and yet people who list Iraq as their main concern favor Paul over Peden 64-27.

Peden also went after Paul on moral grounds, but again, the Congressman has a 65-28 advantage over phony conservative Peden.

Amongst young voters, Paul trounces Peden by an embarrassing 75-11.

As we reported earlier this week, Peden resorted to putting out fake poll numbers in a crass attempt to offset the fact that Paul is trouncing him in the race for Texas' District 14 Congressional seat.

In reality, District 14 polls showed that 80 per cent of residents have never even heard of Peden.

Paul has also dwarfed Peden's fundraising, raking in $500,000 in the past month compared to Peden's pathetic $20,000.

Despite Ron Paul's overwhelming popularity, the media claimed all along that Peden was in with a shot and some even held him up as the favorite. In doing so, they were attempting to help the Councilman overturn a huge deficit by osmosis - but the effort has been an outright failure.

Shamed by Paul's brave anti-establishment standpoint during the Republican debates, the establishment press, who have marginalized, censored and smeared the Congressman at every turn, thought they could kick Dr. No out of Congress - how wrong they were.

Someone should let Chris Peden know that he's wasting his time - neatly quaffered, U.S. flag lapel pin wearing, warhawk cheerleading, fake Neo-Con phony conservatives are so 5 years ago. The people of Texas see through your facade Peden - now jog on.