Saturday, February 2, 2008

Granny warriors need some help!!

This has been a very expensive trip. First $1,102.00 for the power booster pump for the front brakes and power steering in Russellville. Then $1,136.00 for the tire, wheel bearing and stabilizer. Folks this has broken the bank. I know there are those of you that say why keep on putting money into this thing? Well for one thing it is one of a kind and has so much history it would be shameful to just park it. We have signatures of Ron, Rand, his kids, Wayne Paul and his wife Donna, Alex Jones, Jack Blood, The Southern Avenger, Micheal Badnarik, Alan Stang and on and on plus thousands of individual signatures of supporters. I know we make a difference as people know this RV no matter where we are. There are always people who know who we are and what we are doing and are happy to see us in their area. I would bet we have introduced more people to Ron Paul than any other venture going on now and I mean a personal introduction.

Debit Card Signature Purchase To AHRENS BODY SHOP RUSSELLVILLE AR Feb. 1, 2008 Details -$1,136.58 USD
Debit Card Signature Purchase To DC SERVICE CENTER INC. NEW ALBANY MS Feb. 1, 2008 Details -$1,102.66 USD

We will be jn Atlanta tomorrow, we are driving now but that is when we will have to make the decision whether or not to go home and give it up or go on to Texas and work that state before the primaries. We all know the Republican party will not be helping Dr. Paul there from the Straw poll. we also know how important it is for him to carry his own state. I would love to be able to spend the time there and get as much support for him as possible. That will be up to you all. I am totally wiped out. Our money is down to just enough to get to Atlanta and then we will have to get money from my husband to come home.

If this is what you want then don't send us any help. If you want us to keep on going send in some donations to pay for the fuel. It is as simple as that.

Thank you for your support in the past and hopefully for future support. We are putting our lives on hold for this year, working for nothing other than the knowledge we are doing something no one else can do. I know most of you have jobs and cannot just take off but I can. I love talking to people and meeting new ones that is not a problem but, I can't keep on without serious help. We get donations which usually add up to just enough to get by with the help of our credit cards and Husbands pay checks but that is at a end. I can no longer charge I am way over my head now and I cannot expect my Husband to continue to work all those hours so I can do this. I know everyone is asking for donations and it is hard to just make ends meet but it won't get any better until Dr. Paul is in office. We cannot give up the fight now.

We have a revolution to win. Help us help Dr. Paul win this one.