Monday, February 4, 2008

$3 Trillion More for The Police State $0 For Citizens

Wow, way to go George record breaking budget in time of economic crisis. Then freeze all the domestic programs to stimulate all out bankruptcy on Americans. So the military Industrial complex grows even bigger while they take health care away from children. Amazing.

There cutting everything but the police state. Increases accross the board for FDA,HLS,FBI,PENTAGON,SECURITY. You just keep spending on all the wrong things.

You have to take money out of our pockets now. He cut social and domestic programs like Medicare, Social Security,Funding for School,Hospitals,Transportaion, while raising the budget.

I still dont understand why people fall for this low tax nonsense. Take a look at Property, Social Security, Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms, then tell me they cut taxes. The mortgage problem was brought on by excessive Property tax not income tax on the wealthy. Next time read the tax bill they sign and you will see that it doesnt immply to any of us.