Saturday, January 26, 2008

Top 5 Politicol Rappers..

This month we decided to rate the top Political rappers. This ended up being harder then expected. Since were going on content with skill. A few people will disagree with me but that's expected. So how does the top 5 round up.

Immortal Technique - Suprise to some but to the rest of us this is the king of politicol rap. Technique has relentlessly pursued the corporate media and the payed off govt. Its hard to find a song where hes not on to something much bigger then hip hop. Tech was also the winner of the sickest punch lines of 2007.

Public Enemy - Yeah this was a easy one. Chuck D stepped up the knowledge of the gangsta rap era and broke out with smash hits like Fight the Power, 911 is A Joke, etc. Even the flashy loud mouth flavor flav as the hype man couldnt cover the message.

2PAC - Pac started stricly as a politocol rapper and was he ability to connect with everyone and let them see what was in front of there eyes. Obivious the most powerful and skilled rapper on the list and in history. We will never know how far Pac was going to take his music. At one point he made his own Street Constituion and made people sign ut everywhere. Sounds like he had a much bigger plan that was cut short. Because of versatile style that made hits, slow jams, party songs, and anthems. I let him fall to 3 because he wasnt definend by style. Tupac Shakur will be remembered as one of the great speakers of our generation.

Tragedy Khadafi - Is the official father of queens bridge rappers. Many came out the massive housing projects to go on to more fame then the outspoken elder. But it was Tragedy that gave the start to the likes of Nas, Killa Priest, Mobb Deep, Capone and Norega. And many more but hes known for his skillful craft of penning deadly ryhmes.

5. tie
Afrika Bambaataa - Bambaataa the Zulu Nation taught this man well and he changed rap all together by mixing soul music, politics and history all to a track you could dance too.
Paris - Paris graduated with a masters in business then went on the release Bush Killa. Wich was the first album pulled from the shelves and banned. Paris message of the New World Order was completly supressed and that alone is worth a spot.

Honorable mentions -

Jedi Mind tricks - Jedi mind Tricks has released several albums on congressinal subjects. One of the many muslims that speaks out regulary about our dicatoral government.

Ras Kas - Went from hit single to being ignored by mainstream media. Sued by his company and arrested several times. Once for robbing his label for his master cd. The Root Of Evil will remain one of the best songs.

Smiff n Wessun - If they didnt drop out of the game for a few years they could have made the list.

Dead Prez - Nothing but streight gansta riding music. Dropped from there contract twice over there material.