Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Romney laughs at Ron Paul Host lets him have it

Mitt Romney talks about Ron Paul and his policys. Goes on mocking his idas. The radio host says hes out of line with personal attacks. Then goes on about how he supports Ron Paul and how hes speaks the truth.


Yabooyah said...

Wow. I do love the crisp resonance of spontaneous ringing truth.
Namaste, orator.

Do it right, write in Ron.


Anonymous said...

4,000 plus dead, soldiers coming home maimed, and others taking their own lives following the trauma they experience. So let's watch McCain smirk and Romney laugh at the only presidential candidate who is openly anti-war: Ron Paul. They want us to believe that the only sane man in the race is insane. As usual the delusional in high places are only too eager to sell short the collective intelligence of the American people. That has been the downfall of tyrants time and time again.