Sunday, January 27, 2008

CNN-Huckabee quotes Ron Paul on the Economy..BITER!

Huckabee quotes Paul when asked about the tax stimulus" Were borrowing the money from the Chinese" Blah Blah

Another politician who's says what you want top hear. They ignored Dr Paul when he brought this up at the debate and now Huckabe get 15 minutes on CNN.

Hes goes on justifying the war by saying "When your in the game you have to make quick decisions, there not perfect all the time, your going to make mistakes".

Have you watched the New England Patriots?

When you have a great leader like Tom Brady he'll guide you Through tough times avoid the mistakes and use good judgement. If the coach started calling questionable plays you think and had fraudulent information on the defence. You think he would listen? Knowing it was on his shoulders.

Mentions changing the CONSTITUTION..........
Ill add the video later this was live at 11:30

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Anonymous said...

Someone posted on that I-95 Huckabee is referring to is part of the CAFTA highway. I looked it up on a map and IT IS!! He's hinting at what we can expect when this passes.