Thursday, January 31, 2008

ClearChannel, Limbaugh Connection --add DRUDGE too

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Posted January 23rd, 2008 by MediatorMPA
* Limbaugh's program syndicate is Clearchannel/Premier Radio. Romney co-founded Bain Capital and still owns mega-stocks. Bain Capital purchased/owns Clearchannel 2006. Clearchannel is the parent company for Limbaugh syndicated co: Premier Radio Networks. ps: is syndicate for Glen Beck & DRUDGE too...and others..see link:


* I've heard Limbaugh repeatedly trash other republican candidates (including RP) but he props up Romney...even the Boston Globe noted this:

* Now read Huffington Post: Romney's Bain buys Clearchannel


* Now see ClearChannel's web page showing Bain Capital

* Now see Romney's tax records showing stocks in Bain:

While he is not employed by the company he co-founded, he most certainly still has an ownership stake.

See page 41 of Romney's personal financial disclosure form. In addition his individual Bain fund holdings are detailed on page 34.

I've quit listening to Rush---because he became a shill for Bush. I tune in during significant events to monitor his propaganda. I've heard him trash Ron Paul and others--except raving about Romney. Thus, this explains why Limbaugh, although claiming he doesn't endorse any candidate during clearly endorsing Romney with kind words, and moving pro-Romney callers to the front of the line--while he trashes others, including Ron Paul, claiming no one but Romney is conservative.

Limbaugh has become a shill for Romney.


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