Monday, January 28, 2008

Paul chances Cut In Half

"With the Florida Primary vote scheduled for Tuesday January 29th, 2008 plenty of readers are interested in Ron Paul Presidential Betting Odds after reading my article published yesterday titled Mike Huckabee on Easter Egg Hunt, Ron Paul poised to surge in FL. Two readers were not pleased about the betting odds being so high and now on the eve of the Florida Primary, betting odds on Ron Paul winning the Republican Nomination have been slashed from 25 to 1 down to 10 to 1 odds at

Republican Presidential hopefuls such as John McCain, Mike Huckabee and Rudy Guiliani do not have the dough to survive that far beyond Florida giving Texas Congressman Ron Paul a nice advantage to outlast the other lower tiered candidates and gobble up some of their support once they leave the race. All of the Republican Presidential Candidates are in full campaign mode down in Florida trying to win the delegate rich state.

Arizona Senator John McCain needs a win in Florida in order to give his campaign a financial boost. A win would give McCain the ability to raise more money heading into Super Tuesday which happens to have several states voting in his Southwest Stronghold. has John McCain at even money to win the Florida Primary with 1 to 1 odds.

McCain has sealed some key endorsements in Florida, including one from popular Governor Charlie Crist and another one from Florida Republican Senator Mel Martinez. Both were blows to Rudy Guiliani’s Presidential Campaign. Guiliani has been wooing Governor Crist for months so Chalie’s endorsement of McCain was particularly devastating. Unfortunately, it looks like the strategy to launch his campaign in Florida is backfiring on the former New York City Mayor. Guiliani is 11 to 10 odds to win the Florida Primary.

A reader by the name Wavalene had this to say about Ron Paul Presidential Betting Odds:

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